Mila Kunis Shows Off Baby Bump at Bad Moms Debut

32-year old Mila Kunis, showed up at the presentation of Bad Moms. She showed us her baby bump!

The star wore a black knee-length dress that featured some floral accents. Pregnancy does not prevent the future mom from her fashion choices.

Mila appeared on Live with Kelly. She joked about her outfit and called it “puffy”. The frock was meant to hide her bump. During her interview with Vanity Fair Kunis stated that pregnancy brought her some flexibility she does not usually have.

Mila does not know what will fit her next week. Her belly is growing and she is not sure if her outfits will look the same.

So, Kunis chooses any dress that is simple and feels right for her.

Mila plays with size. However, she does not want to wear anything showing her bump off.