Leonardo DiCaprio will finally receive an Oscar from… Russian Group!

Finally, Leonardo DiCaprio will receive his Oscar, reports Washington Post. However, if the actor receives the one from the Academy Awards, then he will have two metal men.

According to the Post, Russian state news agencies inform that a group of film makers are going to create their own version of an “Oscar” and are gathering donations. They will rename it.

Even Chinese social media is discussing bad luck of the actor. He has not received an Oscar throughout his long film career.

As far as we know, the Russian award will look alike the original award. However, it will hold a 3-leggedt goblet (a “Choron”) instead of a regular sword. The goblet symbolizes peace.

It was reported that local women will give half of their jewellery for the statue. In such a way one half will be with the star and the other half will be with them.

We remind you that the 41-year-old star has got two grandparents from Russia. Besides, the actor expressed a wish to play Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, not long ago.