Ian McKellen says Gay Actors lack Attention of the Academy

Ian McKellen, a 2-time Award nominee, has spoken about the lack of diversity at the Oscars. According to him, not only black stars are left out.

Sky News asked the representative of the industry to comment on the fact that the Academy’s nominations concerned only white actors 2 years in a row. It turned out that the 76-year-old actor fully sympathizes with complaints that the industry of films receives.

Moreover, the actor is sure that not only black people lack attention of the Academy. The film industry ignores gay people. Ian believes that these complaints are legitimate and the Oscars have to focus on them.

If somebody does not know, McKellen is openly gay. I his interview with The Guardian, the star suggested that it might be wrong to have a career and try to be judged by an Academy where the majority of people are male, white, old and middle-aged.