Daisy Ridley Does Actually Love Herself

Nowadays we do not know where the reality is. Digital world we have is cluttered with glossy shots and filtered selfies. Daisy Ridley decided to show that she did not wake up like this.

The star uploaded (we suppose a filtered) selfie on her Instagram page. The caption says “I woke up like this.” It is also written that she has no make-up and the photo is not filtered. Then Daisy informed that 3 of these statements are not true!

The actress writes that social media makes people to filter and chose and edit very carefully special and casual moments in their lives. Self-esteem plays a great role in all that.

According to the star, her effortless appearance takes lots of work.

Ridley admits that her skin is not that perfect, so she does not post no make-up shots as often as she would like to. The star does not smile all the time, but she enjoys sharing photos where she does. 

Daisy confesses that actually she does love herself. She always tries to think good thoughts. The actress states that she is surrounded by the most incredible people.