Amber Rose Shouldn't Have Started Dancing With the Stars, She Thinks

Amber Rose felt she should not take part in Dancing With the Stars.

According to Rose, she has specially prepared herself to make this statement, otherwise, she would be crying while making it.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Amber’s pro dance partner added that she would be bawling.

Rose honestly said that she will, but after she is in her trailer.

The couple got 28 from the judges for dancing Cha-cha. They did it to Petty Booka’s “Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha”.

The partners have gone through a lot together during the 5 weeks. When Maks was asked what is 1 thing that nobody knows about his partner. He decided it is how emotional she can get.

Amber confessed that she is not feeling good while everybody is watching and encouraging her.

We remind you that on the 3rd day together with Maks Amber said that this was too hard for her.