A Former Police Officer sues Elton John Sued for Sexual Harassment

Elton John was sued for sexual harassment by LA police captain. Jeffrey Wenninger filed a lawsuit this Monday. The captain claimed that he was repeatedly groped by the star while working as his body-guard. That happened in September of 2014.

The 69-year-old singer is fighting claims of his ex employee. An attorney for the musician denied the allegations against the Grammy winner.

The Associated Press reports that the former security officer wants an undeserved payment. The attorney states that the claims are untrue. They can be contradicted by all the previous statements made by the officer.

Back in 2014 Wenninger stopped working for the star. He claims the musician to touch him inappropriately lots of times. The suit deals with the celebrity reaching for and touching the officer’s privates during a ride to the airport. The retired policeman states that John offended him sexually again after that.