What''s wrong with Jimmy Kimmel''s Penis? Two Horrible Surgeries on it!

Jimmy Kimmel shared in his interview at SXSW about his two awful surgeries on penis. Why were they so horrible?

On March 16 the star shared about his twice and not-nice surgeries. According to the celebrity, he had two non-selective operations on his penis.

The host of the late-night program revealed the viewers of the SXSW that the star’s health scare was connected with urethra. Therefore, fixing took several surgeries.

The 47-year-old Kimmel told E! News that it seems as if it closed up without consulting with the owner. He does not know why this unexpected medical problem has happened to him.

The father of three children considers his first surgery which took place long time ago to be a bust.

Kimmel does not know why it is happening to him. The doctor said that the star’s urethra is closing up and that he needs a surgery. After the first operation, it appeared that he needs a second one. The star confirmed that the doctors were not able to get it from the first time.

Without getting into the details, Kimmel, who is fighting with narcolepsy, described the operation as a “horrible, horrible” procedure.

The host of the show joked that he is a real “pee hole”.