Tracy Morgan has settled Accident Lawsuit and has New 'Lease on Life'

Tracy Morgan has settled his legal struggle with chiefs at U.S. Wal-Mart. The star has a “new lease on life”. Morgan’s attorney assures that he feels ready to move from the horrible car accident which became the reason of his friend’s death back in 2014.  

The 30 Rock star was friends with funnyman James ‘Jimmy Mack’ McNair. The last one died on June 7 last year. His death was a crash when a driven by Wal-Mart truck collided with a limousine. Kevin Roper, an employee, was at the helm of the truck. The limousine carried the comics and their friends in New Jersey. Morgan and other two people had serious injuries.

Being still in recovery, Morgan started a federal negligence lawsuit against the superstore in summer of 2014. The two parties reached a confidential settlement not long ago.

The comedian issued a statement saying that he is grateful that the case had an amicable end. The superstore executives did right by him and his family.

Benedict Morelli, the star’s attorney, told about the case at U.S. breakfast show Today. He states that the process cannot be easy, but the funnyman starts a new lease on life. It is obvious that money was involved. The attorney considers that money is the only thing which others can use in order to compensate those who have injuries. Morelli also reminded that Tracy could have died.

By the way, the way company’s directors handled the legal issue impressed the attorney.

Morelli added that the executives have taken the responsibility for the car accident. Therefore, the attorney feels surprised very pleasantly.

Morgan will appear on the show on June 1. He will give his first interview after the crash. The truck driver was not named a defendant in the star’s lawsuit has criminal charges. Roper was pleaded not guilty to one criminal count of death by vehicle and four victims of accident by vehicle.

Relatives of McNair have received £6.25 million (or $10 million) payment from Wal-Mart executives in order to fix their wrongful death suit.