The Role of Jacqueline Kennedy in New Biopic belongs to Natalie Portman

Scary swan, the Supreme Court… What’s now? Camelot! Variety revealed on May 14 that Natalie Portman is going to become the latest actress to perform Jackie Kennedy.

The 33-year-old Portman was confirmed to act as American political figure in a coming-soon biopic.
Variety reports that Natalie will perform the former First Lady in the film which will be directed by Pablo Larrain, Oscar nominee from Chile. The film will tell about the first four days of Jackie’s life after John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

The film was titled Jackie. It will be produced by the director of Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky. The film is scheduled to launch in the end of 2015.

A lot of Hollywood stars have performed Kennedy in recent years. Katie Holmes starred in The Kennedys in 2011. Ginnifer Goodwin acted in the docudrama Killing Kennedy in 2013. Minka Kelly performed the political figure in The Butler, the 2013 Lee Daniel’s flick. Sarah Michelle Gellar played in A Woman Named Jackie, the miniseries that go back to 1991.