See the first Deadpool Picture of Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Hurray! Ryan Reynolds has finally subscribed on Instagram!

The star’s verified account is @vancityreynolds. Believe it or not, he gained 57,000 followers in only 24 hours! The actor uploaded his first picture. It is a mid-air shot from the coming-soon film called Deadpool.

Reynolds is probably going to share his signature goofy humour. He is constantly displaying it together with Blake Lively, his wife, on Twitter.

The 38-year-old Reynolds made a caption for the photo. It reads that he stuck the landing with his mouth.

The actor is shooting in the coming-soon X-Men spin-off Deadpool. Reynolds is proud to hotdog his superman character on social media.

The star shared a photo where he is looking bruised and bloody in April. He captioned it, writing that he is officially halfway through the film’s production and that he feels fine. He also hinted that the other guys fell not so much fine.