See Jamie Dornan"s Fifty Shades of Crazy Biceps!

A muscle man Jamie Dornan performed Christian Grey in the strongly awaited film adaptation of erotic novel with the name Fifty Shades of Grey. He is a former Calvin Klein underwear model. The 32-year-old stunner is working hard in order to stay in fit.

He uploaded a photo on Twitter this Tuesday. He is doing his Ironfit workout on the image. His crazy-defined biceps can be seen while he is standing in a challenging pose.

The caption under it said that he had given his friends 2 seconds on taking the photo and that he collapsed and cried after it was taken.

A company of professional trainers considers themselves to be “strength and movement coaches, iron junkies, pro hustlers, hunter G’s, nutrition nuts and free people”. All these definitions are on their Twitter handle.

The muscleman has nearly a week before the debut of Fifty Shades of Grey which is scheduled on February 13. She shared with Glamour not long ago that dirty raciest scenes from the film were far away from his favourite.

He tells the magazine that the Red Room stuff was not comfortable. Dornan says that he had to do things to Dakota when she was almost naked and that he would never choose to do those things to a woman.