Rachel Bilson speaks of 5 A.M. Diaper Changes' Advantages

Rachel Bilson is enjoying motherhood. Though, she is being deprived of sleep. The star made proclaimed to see the silver linings in all of milestones of her daughter. Last November The O.C. alum gave a birth to Briar Rose. The child’s father is the star’s fiancé Hayden Christensen. He is 34. The 33-year-old actress assures that the early mornings with her little angel mean the most.

This Sunday the Hart of Dixie star wrote that she woke up to the advantages of having a baby poop at 5 a.m. It was a caption for a picture she uploaded on Instagram. We can see the beautiful Los Angeles sunrise from the baby’s window.

Bilson gave a wink on Instagram that she will be a mom. The star has subscribed for the social media picture sharing service in June.

The actress uploaded a picture of Star Wars-themed Dart Vader Vans sneakers. They were of her love’s and her daughter’s size. The baby is only 9 months, by the way. It is obvious that the sport shoes are a nod to Anakin Skywalker, Christensen's Star Wars character.