New Rules for Women at Cannes disappointed Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt spoke about the reported sexist practices at the Film Festival in Cannes on May 19.

The 32-year-old actress was promoting her new film Sicario when she was asked about a report that women had to shoe heels to a gala in Cannes.

The report under consideration appeared on Screen Daily. It wrote on Tuesday that a lot of women at the age of 50 turned away from the film exhibition of Tod Haynes’ competition entry Carol this Sunday night. This happened because they were told that the height of their heels was not appropriate. It simply did not pass muster. In such a way, a handful of guests had no access to the awaited world-premiere exhibition only because of wearing flats. By the way, actresses have different medical conditions too, just as all women in the world.

Paparazzi at Blunt's Sicario event took up the question about the actress’ opinion concerning these footwear rules. The Devil Wears Prada star agreed that those rules were very disappointing. They made her think of waves of equality and waves of people who find women as charming and attractive to watch.

The actress is sure that everyone should wear heel-less shoes, not heels. By the way, Blunt shared what is her favourite kind of footwear: Converse sneakers.

A report from Screen Daily states that festival’s representatives confirmed that wearing high heels is a must for all females on the red carpet. Thierry Frémaux tweetered a respond on May 19 and called these gossips groundless.

The official account of the festival retweeted the other post of Frémaux. It assured that the dress code insists on formal wear and it should be specifically heels.