Morgan Freeman supports Legalizing of Marijuana around the Globe

There still is a hot debating process around the legalization of marijuana. At the same time, Morgan Freeman has already made his decision up.

The 77-year-old star is famous for his deep and mellow voice. The Oscar winner was as open as a day when he spoke about his own experience with marijuana in an interview with The Daily Beast last week.

The Lucy author announced that he is for legalizing the weed across the board.

After shattering his left shoulder, elbow and arm in an accident, Freeman started to support medical usage of the drug. The car accident happened seven years ago. His left hand still cannot be fully used. Morgan still experiences some pain in it. This experience inspires the star to support the medical use of marijuana.

Freeman gave an interview to The Daily Beast. Morgan stated that the drug has many useful sides. Freeman revealed that the only thing which helps him to overcome fibromyalgia pain in his arm is marijuana. The actor also tells about children who have grand mal seizers. He assures that it was discovered that marijuana struggles with that to the point where such kids can have a life.

The 5 Flights Up actor revealed that it was his wife who first got him acquainted with the drug.

Freeman also shared that he takes the drug however it comes. He can eat it, smoke it, drink it or snort it.

The grandfather compared the effects of marijuana to alcohol use. He is sure that such comparison will help to legalize the drug sooner.

Freeman is sure that alcohol has no real medical use. He considers that one drink can calm a person down, but two or three make a person f-----.