Mila Kunis receives presents from Ashton Kutcher at their Romantic Encounter

Nobody has a doubt that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are among the top-scale gorgeous unions in Tinseltown. That is why seeing both of them at a romantic encounter this Monday was a real pleasure.

Ashton and Mila gave birth to Wyatt Isabelle last October. The couple probably had found a babysitter for this special evening they had spent at Toca Madera. These several hours of twosome gave the stars a chance to celebrate Mila’s 32nd birthday.

Actually, the beauty’s birthday was on August 14, but her husband had to wait several weeks to award his beloved one with presents. On the other hand, it may be that they just continue coming. As far as everybody knows Ashton, this would not be a surprise.

The Two and a Half Men celebrity was caught while exiting the eating place. He had a whole bunch of gifts. There was even a workout tool for women among them. Meanwhile, his wife followed him with empty hands. Kutcher definitely takes care of his beloved one.

Mila covered her face with her palm while both stars were going to a car which was waiting for them.

Certainly, Ashton opened the door for his lady and the couple drove off. What a perfect gentleman he is!