Mike Epps In Richard Pryor Biography Translated to Film

A decade ago the comedian passed away, and now Hollywood acquired some genuine interest in the life and career of the humorous performer. Truth be told, some attempts have been taken earlier, with their final alignment to something stable.

Stable enough that some critics are already weighing up the chances of the unmade movie to get the Academy Award.

A reasonable casting decision was to engage the fellow comedian Mike Epps for the leading role, especially considering the fact that he knew the late performer in person. Star troops are to be

supported by such renowned movie persons as gorgeous Oprah Winfrey who is going to stray away from her usual virtuous images and turn to a brothel owner character for Richard Pryor’s foster mom, Eddie Murphy to embody Mr. Pryor and sunny Kate Hudson for the wife of the American comedian. Another raisin in this cupcake is the material-aware Lee Daniels famous for his director’s success of The Butler (2013).

The zenith of the performer’s glory is left at the end of the 20s century, which means that the presence of such top-notch actors in the cast will turn the attention to the motion picture of that part of public who grew up not really witnessing the hilarious Richard Pryor and knowing nothing of his life behind the curtain. Considering such enlightening message, no wonder that Oscar aspirations are already raised high about the biopic.

Another valuable acquisition is the producing support of Jennifer Lee who will supervise the true representation of her deceased husband’s life.