Marilyn Manson is eager to Have Sex with Queen Madge

Is there a music heaven? Does it make matches? Marilyn Manson was as open as a day when he revealed i-D magazine that he would like to tonk with Madonna. The humorous comment was made during the discussion of the 13th album of Madonna named Rebel Heart.

The 46-year-old Manson revealed that he is interested in this icon’s record in some way. He considers that Madonna looks hotter than ever. Manson announced that he still has a crush on her and is eager to commit adultery with her.

The star got nosey and immediately answered with the help of Instagram on May 8. She uploaded a picture of Manson and wrote his quote. Then she wrote “Um………thanks!”

The 56-year-old Madonna had one more famous moment with Drake not long ago. The stars kissed on stage during Coachella. Later, the 28-year-old rapper expressed his disgusted reaction.

He wrote on Tweeter that people did not need to misinterpret his shock. Drake got to kiss the music queen and he will never forget this. Queen Madge simply dissed the rapper during a Q&A with Saturday Night Online this month.

Her words were “I kissed the girl and I liked it”. Madonna gives a piece of advice: do not kiss Drake even if he begs you to do it.