Kevin Federline is sure that Beyonce Had Botox and Surgery

Beyonce was bushed by Kevin Federline on Twitter. This happened on November 22. Federline told that the star has had plastic surgery and botox.

The singer and Jay Z, her husband, visited the Canelo vs. Cotto boxing spar in Las Vegas. It was held o November 21. The famous sports news blog Terez Owens wrote on Twitter that Beyonce was showing off her cleavage. The former husband of Britney Spears also wrote his thoughts about the singer on Tweeter.

The 37-year-old man writes that the Grammy winner looks botoxed. Federline considers it to be sad when a beautiful woman spoils her face with Botox and surgery.

Some fans grizzled at Kevin after having read his comments. They are sure that he just wants to glorify himself. The angry fans claimed that his ex-wife had body and face work.