Julianne Hough changes Her Pink Hair Back to Blonde

Julianne Hough did not keep her pink hair too long. The 26-year-old Dancing With the Stars judge restyled the hair colour back to her signature blonde. This happened after two weeks of a bright bubble-gum shade.

Hough revealed her hair experiment at the 10th Anniversary of Dancing With the Stars event on April 21. The event took place in West Hollywood. Such past contestants as Candace Cameron Bure, Amber Riley and Jonathan Bennett were present at the celebration. Hough was wearing an edgy bob in loose waves and with a deep side part. Meanwhile her makeup was neutral. A shinning diamond necklace rested on her neck.

The star has got her new hairstyle from Riawna Capri in Nine Zero One Salon. The star presented it on her official website on April 7 and explained that she has chosen pink colour because it is the colour of kindness.

The judge even shared some tips for good appearance. She claimed that people with brown eyes have the most potential to experiment with the colour of their hair when people with green eyes will look good with purple hair and the ones having blue eyes will be gorgeous with pink hair.