Jon Hamm is Guilty in Violent Fellowship Hazing

Jon Hamm is considered to be guilty in violent fraternity hazing. His guilt also expands to setting a pledge on fire.

A 1991 lawsuit surfaced this week. It was obtained by Associated Press. The Mad Man star was among of Sigma Nu frat participants who participated in a cruel college hazing incident according to it. The event happened in November 15 years ago at the University of Texas-Austin.

The suit told that Hamm was really mad when the new pledge (Mark Allen Sanders, according to the documents) could not recite things which he was expected to memorize. Sanders asserts that Hamm hit him. He told in the lawsuit that Hamm reared back and hit him with his left hand. Sanders assures he kicked him in his right kidney. That was a good solid hit, according to him.

The case made a lot of noise at the time, though Hamm was not prominent yet. San Antonio Light identified him as Jonathan Hamm of St. Luis back in 1991. The paper stated that Sanders received strokes with a broom and paddle. He also was led around the frat house with a claw of a hammer somewhere under his genitals. The AP reports that Hamm set Sanders’ trousers on fire.

An arrest warrant was issued for the star and some of his friend frat participants back in 1993. He was charged with hazing. Moreover, Hamm received probation.

Records from the University confirm that Hamm left school the same semester. The AP writes that the actor was assuring that he left it because of his father’s death in 1991.

The star told Daily Mail three years ago that he left studying, moved into a basement of his older half-sister Julie’s house. Hamm also told that he enrolled in a local college and had a depression.