Jennifer Garner is Lucky to be surrounded by Care at Home

It is not a secret for most moms and dads that children may become a tough crowd.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Afflek are parents to 9-year-old Violet, 6-year-old Seraphina and 3-year-old Samuel. Garner assures PEOPLE and the Huggies Snug and Dry event that she is surrounded by care and attitude.

She just tells her children that she did not try to order bold kids and then asks how it could happen so that she has got those bold kids.

The 43-year-old Garner is an ambassador for Save the Children. It is proved to be a championing aid for a very serious epidemic in America. The star explains that one of three mothers fights to get diapers for her children.

The star-ambassador reveals that different studies show that it is not some serious crisis that can cause the stressors for mothers. It is the accumulation of small things. She compares it with reviving one’s vehicle engine at full speed and at the same time sitting still. As the result, it starts to run out.

Snug and Dry diapers from Huggies are now more cost-effective. The company donated 2 million of them. Baby2Baby is a charity that donates goods and clothes to families with low income. They received 1.5 million diapers. The rest 500,000 were donated to Save the Children.

Garner is sure that Baby2Baby and Huggies have just lift the stressor of mothers’ plates. So, they are able to add one more meal to the table or they can come up with something else which is needed for their family.

The star always provides her children with helping out with their homework. The actress confesses that her strengths are different projects. She considers herself to be the system quiet bugger. Garner bugs and makes sure everything is completed.

Her help works! The actress assures that her oldest daughter has needed just company, not even help! When Violet needs help, her mom is going to say “Go find Dad!”