How to Be a Bad Bitch? Ask Almost Naked Amber Rose on the Cover of her Same-Name Book

Amber Rose uploaded her new shocking book cover on June 6. The star is almost naked on the picture! The book is named How To Be a Bad Bitch.

The ex of Wiz Khalifa invited everybody to check out the official cover of her book on Instagram. She revealed that the photo was taken by David LaChapelle. The med-savvy star made sure nobody forgets to preorder a copy of her masterpiece on Amazon.

Rose wears a skimpy, barely perceptible string bikini. It covers only a part of her breasts. The star has a bow and an arrow in her hand. She is standing from the side atop hubbly stones. Meanwhile, a naked male having a lot of arrow wounds is lying below the mom of one. The man resembles a Roman or Greek warrior.

Not long ago the star posted racy social media share. This happened after she castigated slut shamers for their negative sides. The direct citation is "I feed off that s---."

Benji Carlisle, Rose’s assistant, revealed to this March that he is the mastermind behind a lot of the star’s racy photos on social media. The assistant shared that he might not be behind all the photos, but he is behind most of them. Therefore, Carlisle is always encouraging.

The assistant notes later that Amber’s interactions with her celebrities-friends and celebrities-foes are not premeditated. He assures that the star feuds, when she feuds and if she does not, then she does not. The most important thing is that both of them do not even look on negative things. They are not affected by such stuff.

Rose, who dated Kanye West, revealed Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in February that her masterpiece will ground her life, starting with her native South Philly. The star says that it is like she is Jesus, because he teaches girls how not to follow her mistakes.