George Miller appreciates Mel Gibson's Support

George Miller, Mad Max director, feels grateful to Mel Gibson for his support of the franchise’s new instalment at the presentation in Los Angeles.

British star Tom Hardy takes Gibson’s place in Mad Max: Fury Road. The Braveheart actor played in three previous films.
Gibson surprised his fans when he walked the red carpet at the premiere of the new film in Los Angeles on May 7. Miller shared about the significance of the star’s support. The film is going to be presented at the Film Festival in Cannes on May 14.

Miller reveals BBC that Mel sat beside him at the presentation and Tom Hardy sat behind them. He also says that Gibson is one o those people who are not able to censor themselves. The director saw him chuckling all the time. Gibson is directing a film in Australia now. He would ask Miller during the premiere “who is that actor?” Miller appreciates Gibson’s support. The actor enjoyed Miller’s film and even gave a hug to him. The director considers Gibson to be a great film-maker. In his turn, Gibson is of the same mind about Miller. Nevertheless Gibson has had awful troubles he is fighting with his demons. The festival began on May 13 and will be running till May 24.