Gavin Rossdale Walking the Dog, And Gwen Stefani Split News: Picture

Everything cool? Gavin Rossdale walked his dog on Monday, August 3, and the same day he with his wife Gwen Stefani declared about their surprisingly shocking break up.

The singer, who is 49, was caught by cameras in Beverly Hills, with his pet, Pomeranian Chewy, and also a pal. Both of them, he and his friend was wearing white-color T-shirts, some sneakers and and also sunglasses. Rossdale was in black jeans and with a few sporting cuffs on his wrist.

The news came that the rocker had broken up with Gwen Stefani, 45, after the marriage of 13 years. They have three very nice sons: Kingston is 9, Zuma is 6 and Apollo is 17 months.

“We came to decision that we won’t be partners in marriage anymore, but we stay partners in our parenthood to raise our sons in healthy and happy environment.” said the couple to Us Weekly.

Previously was reported, the singer sued for divorce in Superior Court of Los Angeles on Monday. They are both are mentioning irreconcilable conflicts and looking for joint right to take of their kids.

Our sources told US that their split was a matter of time, and also mentioned that they were trying to save their couple since their third child was born. “Situation was difficult before then, but they were doing their best to save the marriage”, said the insider. “They just couldn’t, cause lots of their feelings were gone”