Ed Sheeran does not want to see the World through a Screen Anymore

Ed Sheeran wants to be offline. Don’t wait for his being online soon.

The British performer decided to take a break from the Web this Sunday. He wrote a message to his admirers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The 24-year-old singer writes that he is going to have a rest from his social media accounts, phone and e-mails for a while. He does not enjoy seeing the world through a screen anymore. The star is going to travel the world and see everything he has missed.

We remind you that Ed has just finished his X global tour in the support of his latest album that has been promoted since last year.

Sheeran is sure that his friends and family will understand his buggering off. As to his fans, he promised his best album to be on the way. According to the performer, it is the best thing he has made so far.

Ed promised to return on the social media next autumn and thanked everybody for their understanding.