David Duchovny loves Crimes and he is back with The X-Files

The X-Files debuted two decades ago. This summer Agent Fox Mulder is coming back! David Duchovny will play his character in six-episode ministries which are scheduled to be presented in 2016.

Far and wide talented star also performs in the NBC’s Aquarius which debut is expected on May 28. Moreover, the actor became a singer – he has a rock album called Hell or Highwater. The star is looking forward to the cult classic’s come back.

Duchovny considers that it will be fun and strange. He and Gillian Anderson still cannot believe that they are doing this again, but they know they will have each other.

The science fiction’s end happened in 2002. The 54-year-old actor assures that his character has not changed since that time. Though, if to speak about physical aspects, it is obvious that he is different. Who knows, maybe older is wiser.

Duchovny considers that Anderson should agree that both of them are better and are able to do something worthwhile with their characters now.

Duchovny is not having a rest even now. The actor has recorded his album. By the way, he carried this dream throughout all his life. The star also co-wrote the Hell or Highwater. He is enjoying his latest role in Aquarius. Duchovny plays a 1960s homicide detective. He leads an investigation about a missing person. The investigation leads him to Charles Manson. The actor is fully absorbed by the script. He confesses that attraction to real crimes has been dwelling in him since he was a young boy.