Chris Rock to host Next Year's Oscars!

Play actor Chris Rock will be the front-runner of next year’s Oscars.

According to sources, the funnyman is being considered as the host of the 88th Academy Awards that are scheduled for February next year. By the way, 11 years ago Rock hosted the 77th Oscars.

David Hill and Reginald Hudlin, the producers, picked Chris as their favourite, according to Academy insiders. Hudlin and the comic worked together on the television sitcom called Everybody Hates Chris. The sitcom was concentrating on Rock’s upbringing. Hudlin was the director of its pilot.

When Rock hosted the Oscars, he drew heat from Sean Penn. This happened after the comedian joked about Jude Law’s expense. Jimmy asked who Jude Law was and why he was in every film he had seen in the four passed years.

Meanwhile Penn seemed to take offence. He was actually awarding Hillary Swank with the Best Actress prize. Though, the star asked Rock to forgive his compromised sense of humour and told he was not going to answer Rock’s strange question. Penn also stressed that Law is one of the best actors.

At the end of the event Chris shared with paparazzi that he traced Penn backstage in order to make sure the star was not angry with him. He found out that they were cool and the joke about Law was just a joke. Rock told that it looks like Jude Law has earned a scillion of dollars. Chris confessed that he would have never made jokes about the one who was down. And Law was fine. Then the comedian said that he was going to see one more film with Jude Law.

In case the funnyman agrees to host the 2016 Oscars, he will change Neil Patrick Harris, who was the host at this year’s ceremony.