Andi Dorfman Felt "Blessed" before Split with her Fiancé and Promised to "Love harder"

The most recent Bachelorette, had great expectations for the new year just few days ahead of her split with Josh Murray.

The ABC reality star shared on Instagram her New Year’s resolution on January 1. She uploaded an image with text on it saying “In 2015, I will ___,” and a caption revealing her plans for 2015.

She wrote that she is going to love harder, live without regret, forgive quicker, and find something good in everyone and everything. She also stressed that she will never give up.

Further on she summed up the previous year. The summary told that she met and got engaged to a 30-year-old former baseball player Murray. It happened on the tenth season of The Bachelorette.

Dorfman slopped over that the previous year was magnificent and that it has changed her life. She thanked everyone who loved and supported her. The 27-year-old star confessed that she has never felt more blessed in her life and that her heart is full. She also expressed a wish to hear resolutions of her friends.

Previous reports state that Dorfman and her fiancé recalled their engagement. The call off happened only three days after the couple walked the red carpet together at The Bachelor's nineteenth season premiere event.