Adamical Bradley Cooper in the W Magazines Film Issue

Bradley Cooper dropped his clothes for the new film issue of W magazine in promotion of his last acting endeavour. 

40 years old actor, nominated for Oscar, stripped for W’s print of the next month. The issue lays emphasis on the best film performances before the awards season. The actor is honoured for his performance in the coming drama American Sniper and appears on one of the magazine’s seven cover pages for the month.

Cooper can be found completely nude inside the issue. He holds pants of a light colour near his waist and in such a way covers his gentleman’s parts. A matching blazer is slinging over his shoulder. A pair of platform shoes stands near him. 

The actor wears pants with the high waist and a pair of suitable braces for the February cover page. Be careful, he is nude underneath the suspenders! Cooper wears his dark curls swarmed back. He faces away from the photographer, but shows off his prelum.

Cooper is recognized as a sex symbol now. The leading man has confessed that he was not always so self-confident in his looks.