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Serena Williams admitted that she almost died Former first racket of the world 36-year-old Serena Williams told what difficulties she had to face during her professional career.
Serena Williams Thinks Her Fiance Is Spoiling Her Daughter Serena Williams wants Alexis Ohanian, her fiancé, to stop doing one thing. The star is sure that Ohanian buys too many things to her 10-week-old daughter. She was named Alexis Olympia.
Serena Williams Worries About The Safety Of Her Nephew Serena Williams has something to say about the increasing police violence among unarmed African Americans.
High Slits Suit Serena Williams Serena Williams showed up on the red carpet in a stunning dress. This happened during the debut of Serena, the star’s documentary, on June 13. The premiere was held in New York City.
The 2015 Sportsperson of the Year: Serena Williams Serena Williams is as much popular in front of the camera as on the tennis court.
Death of Serena Williams' Dog Jackie Serena Williams is very sad.
A Kiss of Serena Williams and Drake the WTA Don’t try to catch up with Serena Williams and Drake. The 28-year-old rapper and the 33-year-old tennis player were snapped kissing during their dinner. This happened in Cincinnati (Ohio) on August 23. It looks like they are not just friends.
Venus Williams says her Sister Serena Has Always Inspired Her Serena Williams has been amassing support from her admirers and friends after body-shaming messages on Tweeter when she won at Wimbledon.
J.K. Rowling Dissed Serena Williams' Body on Tweeter J.K. Rowling is famous for calling out people on social media. She enjoys putting people on trial before her nearly 5 million admirers. The author of Harry Potter insulted tennis professional on July 11.