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Robert Downey Jr. Joked About Tom Hiddleston's Instagram Robert Downey Jr. is glad to have Tom Hiddleston in Instagram.
Being the Highest-Paid Actor in the World does not bother Robert Downey Jr. Some other person could be jumping from joy if he or she was the highest-paid human in his or her industry. However, Robert Downey Jr. cares about future success as an actor and his legacy more.
Rare Photo of Robert Downey Jr.'s Daughter Avri Robert Downey Jr. came on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this Wednesday.
1990s Drug Convictions Were Officially Pardoned for Robert Downey Jr. A Christmas present for Robert Downey Jr.! The actor was officially pardoned for his drug convictions (back in 1990s). This happened on December 24.
Who is the The World's Highest Paid Actor? – Robert Downey Jr.! It is the great time for Robert Downey Jr.. It became the third year actually in a row, when Downey is in the top list of the magazine Forbes as the actor who is the world’s highest paid. His salary is quite big just $80 million, and he has for $30 million more money than a winner of the second place Jackie Chan.
Mark Ruffalo thinks Robert Downey Jr. Is His Brother while He considers Ruffalo to be a Little Insan Mark Ruffalo considers Robert Downey Jr. to be his brother on and off-screen.