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Paris Hilton admitted that she keeps 800 wigs A few days ago, Paris Hilton, a 38-year-old socialite, admitted that her collection contains no fewer wigs than Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner combined.
Paris Hilton enjoys relaxing with friends Paris Hilton is not sad at all about breaking up the engagement with Chris Zylka.
Paris Hilton admitted that she doesn't have time for family A week ago, Paris Hilton canceled the wedding with Chris Zylka, which was originally generally held in mid-November.
Paris Hilton boasted great forms in a transparent dress Paris Hilton attended the presentation of Platinum Rush perfume.
Paris Hilton commented on the breakup with Chris Zylka Just yesterday, it became known that Paris Hilton broke off the engagement with her lover Chris Zylka.
37-year-old Paris Hilton can not get married Recently it became known that 37-year-old Paris Hilton postponed her wedding with 32-year-old actor Chris Zilk for an indefinite period of time.
Paris Hilton showed her new swimsuits Paris Hilton is vacationing in Saint Barthelemy. The star, as usual, publishes his photos in social networks.
Paris Hilton shared details about her wedding Earlier this year, 32-year-old Chris Zilka made an offer to 37-year-old Paris Hilton after a year of relationship.
Jane Seymour and Paris Hilton appeared in identical outfits on the red carpet 37-year-old secular lioness Paris Hilton and 67-year-old actress Jane Seymour liked identical dresses to taste.
Paris Hilton will give $ 10 thousand to someone who catches a woman who stole a Spitz A dog friend of a secular lioness was kidnapped a few days ago in Beverly Hills.
'Aspen Barbie' Paris Hilton Is With 'Ken' Chris Zylka Paris Hilton does not mind if someone calls her a Barbie.
Paris Hilton Clarified Her Comments Regarding Presidential Election Paris Hilton decided to spill some light on her comments about Donald Trump that were published in the next month’s issue of Marie Claire.
Paris Hilton Can't Wait to See Her Future Niece Paris Hilton is over-exited to become an aunt. Her 32-year-old sister Nicky is pregnant. This information was revealed at the launch of her new aroma, Gold Rush (June 29).
Paris Hilton and Wardrobe Malfunction Paris Hilton had a wardrobe malfunction while wearing semi-sheer, black and pink sequined mini dress. She was in London. The ensemble did not manage to cover a big nude nipple pasty this Saturday night.
A Fireman found Lost Diamond Ring of Paris Hilton in a Polish Airport According to the reports, Paris Hilton has lost a diamond ring in Poland. A fireman has found it.