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Lindsay Lohan announced the launch of her own reality show Lindsay Lohan said that she would soon launch own reality show with her participation. In this way, the artist wants to restore her tarnished reputation.
Lindsay Lohan shot for Paper Lindsay Lohan has long dreamed of playing the fabulous Little Mermaid. She has so far realized her dream thanks to the new release of Paper.
Lindsay Lohan pregnant? The other day the paparazzi managed to capture actress Lindsay Lohan on holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos.
A New And Different Look Of Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan sported a bob hairdo for her new show called Sick Note. We are not sure if it was a wig or an actual cut, but the star announced on the Web that she will take part in the aforementioned British comedy series.
Has Lindsay Lohan Converted To Islam? Lindsay Lohan’s admirers considered that the star has converted to Islam as not long ago she wrote a message in Arabic.
Lindsay Lohan Is Forcing Hard for Mean Girls 2 Lindsay Lohan is putting her efforts in to make Mean Girls 2 happen.
Lindsay Lohan's Strange Accent Lindsay Lohan has come up with a strange accent. But she is not the only one!
Lindsay Lohan Lost Half Her Finger Lindsay Lohan was boating this Sunday and almost lost her ring. The star got caught in the boat’s anchor. She lost half of her finger!
Lindsay Lohan is writing a Book Lindsay Lohan is 30! She was born on July 2nd.
Lindsay Lohan Returned to Annie's Parent Trap Home Lindsay Lohan has shown us what the '90s were like.
Are Lindsay and Egor Tarabasov Engaged? Love life of Lindsay Lohan often becomes a hot topic for consideration. According to TMZ, Egor Tarabasov and the star got engaged. The information appeared on April 12.
Lindsay Lohan has started her Community Service in Brooklyn at Last The 28-year-old actress has skipped her planned start date this Tuesday. Lindsay Lohan began her court-ordered community service at the Duffeld Children’s Centre in Fort Greene neighbourhood, Brooklyn, this Wednesday. The information is given by USA Today.
Lindsay Lohan Can be Put into Jail Because Copping out of Her Community Service Lindsay Lohan can face a term in jail because of counting meet-and-greets as a part of her community service work.