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Lena Dunham's Trainer Tells Her Stress-Relieving Tips Lena Dunham has got a nice reason to attend the gym. Her platform celebrates all forms of the female body. However, it does not involve feeling good in a new pair of yoga jeans.
Lena Dunham Presents Her Underboob Art Work Lena Dunham presented her latest underboob ink work this Thursday. She uploaded a snap of her tattoo on Instagram. According to Lena, her inspiration came from Rihanna.
Lena Dunham Thanked Glamour For Showing Her Cellulite On The Cover Lena Dunham criticizes Glamour. The magazine did not photoshop the star and her Girls colleagues in its February issue. Lena decided to share her thoughts on this issue.
Lena Dunham Speaks On Abortion Lena Dunham started a controversy in the latest episode of her podcast. The star said that she wishes she has had an abortion. A girl asked Lena to share her experience with abortion during her visit to a Texas Planned Parenthood long ago.
Lena Dunham and Jane Fonda Talk about Body Shaming Lena Dunham and her body: the star speaks.