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Katy Perry Tells Who Should Be Her Partner On The American Idol Reboot Now Katy Perry is the only confirmed judge on the show’s reboot. She has some ideas who should work with her.
Katy Perry Is Set To Host this Year's MTV Video Music Awards Katy Perry will host the famous MTV Video Music Awards on August 27.
Katy Perry's Rating Of Lovers Katy Perry has no troubles with kissing and telling.
Katy Perry's Carpool Karaoke Addresses Feud With Taylor Swift: "She Started It and It's Time For Her Katy Perry did not hold back during her Carpool Karaoke at the Late Late Show Premiere Special. James Corden followed up a jam sesh to Swish Swish hit with a question about the beef between Perry and Taylor Swift.
Katy Perry Will Be American Idol Judge! ABC has revealed one member of the new judging panel for the coming-soon American Idol. Believe it or not, there will be more stars than ever!
Cherry Pies From Katy Perry In Times Square! Katy Perry seems to like cherries!
Katy Perry Wishes She Was Able to Dress Differently. More 'Utilitarian' It turned out that Katy Perry prefers simpler looks. It if was up to her, she would wear a Steve Jobs-inspired uniform.
Katy Perry Smashes Cream Into Orlando Bloom's Face Somebody has to take a good shower! Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry could be seen in whipped cream. This happened at a game of Pie Face on December 26.
Concert Of Katy Perry In China Was Cancelled Katy Perry had to perform in China this Friday. However, she was pulled out of the concert because of a family emergency.
Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Go Wild for Leopard Jackets on the Same Night Taylor Swift and Katy Perry showed up in NYC on November 7 wearing leopard jackets.
Orlando Bloom's Instagram Page is Available To Public! Rejoice! Finally it has happened! Orlando Bloom’s Instagram account is available to public!
Rio Olympics, Meet Katy Perry's Surprise Single 'Rise' First Katy Perry’s single in 2 years was released for a special occasion. Are you wondering which one? It’s this year’s Rio Olympics.
'Low-Key' Night Out of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry We spotted Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom!
Romantic Hawaiian Getaway of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had a romantic Hawaiian vacation. They were noticed hiking at Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park on February 27.
Katy Perry topped the Forbes' List This Year A.V. Club claimed Katy Perry to be the highest-paid musician among women for this year. The well-known magazine Forbes published the annual list of the highest-paid female singers around the globe.
Russell Brand hasn't spoken with Katy Perry since He had messaged her about the Divorce Russell Brand decided to divorce from Katy Perry so unexpectedly back in 2011, that he let her know about this decision with the help of a message. Speaking with the Daily Telegraph, the 30-year-old singer revealed that he has not spoken with her since that time.
Katy Perry wore a Mask while waiting in an Hour-Long Line for a Taco in Tokyo Katy Perry wore a black mask during her trip to Tokyo. She made a pit stop at the first Taco Bell in the city which started its work there last week.
Pyjama Print for Katy Perry's Puppy Butters Katy Perry can wear very factual interpretations of nearly about anything. Just remember her wearing the football bra for the superbowl! Therefore, it was not a shock when it appeared that the star’s new custom creation is a pair of pyjamas with her “tour mascor” Butters.
Did Katy Perry really make a Pixie? Ask Kris Jenner! Did Katy Perry change her hairstyle or it was a joke for the 1st of April?
Katy Perry Inked a Tattoo after Super Bowl Singer Katy Perry tried a needle after her performance at the Super Bowl this Sunday in order to have a commemorative tattoo on her hand.
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