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The Beverly Hills was awarded the Hollywood Film Awards In Beverly Hills the 21st Hollywood Film Awards took place.
Kate Winslet Does Not Want To Answer Questions About The Past Of Woody Allen Kate Winslet did not want to answer questions about the past of Woody Allen.
Kate Winslet to Receive SAG Actors Inspiration Award Kate Winslet is an inspiration to many people, and it's about time she's recognized for it.
Kate Winslet Will Attend Oscars 2016 for ''Closest Friend in the World'' Near, far, whatever political and social issues are influencing the Oscars, Kate Winslet will come. The nominee wants to support Leonardo DiCaprio, her longtime friend and Titanic co-star.
Kate Winslet wants Leonardo DiCaprio to Receive an Oscar Kate Winslet completely supports her Titanic partner Leonardo DiCaprio. She is sure 2016 will be his year and the actor will finally receive an Oscar.