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Kate Hudson shared the secret of a slim figure Kate Hudson shared another secret of harmony.
Kate Hudson boasts about her accomplishments Famous American actress Kate Hudson boasts about her weight loss results 6 months after giving birth.
Kate Hudson went on vacation with a newborn daughter Hollywood actress became a few weeks ago a mother for the third time.
Kate Hudson first showed her little daughter American actress Kate Hudson first showed the face of her newly born daughter.
Kate Hudson showed a large pregnant belly The popular Hollywood actress Keith Hudson is preparing to become a mother for the third time.
Kate Hudson will become a mother for the third time Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson said that she is preparing to become a mother.
New style of Kate Hudson Hollywood beauty Kate Hudson became the decoration of the November issue of the popular magazine The Edit. The 38 year old actress told the journalists about her life choice.
Kate Hudson Boasts Shaved Head Even though Kate Hudson first wore a blonde wig having shaved her head for a role in a film, the star decided to be au naturel at the debut of the film called Marshall that happened at the Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC.
Kate Hudson Tells About Pretty Fun, Her 2nd Book Kate Hudson told about her relaxed approach to entertaining and how she is able to fit it in her busy schedule. All the details are in the star’s anticipated book called Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition.
Kate Hudson Shaves Her Head for the Project With Sia Kate Hudson impressed fans of the new hairstyle: the 38-year-old actress completely shaved her head! This was made known by the perspicacious paparazzi, who managed to capture Hudson in a new way (unfortunately, these pictures are not available to us).
Kate Hudson's 38th Birthday Kate Hudson is 38 now. She spent her birthday with her close friends and Danny Fujikawa.
Kate Hudson Is In NYC With Danny Fujikawa Kate Hudson feels love!
Kate Hudson's Contouring Secret Kate Hudson can effortlessly make a sexy look.
Kate Hudson And Britney Spears Accepted The Mannequin Challenge Britney Spears and Kate Hudson have also become victims of the viral Mannequin Challenge.
Read how Stars are celebrating the 4th of July Kate Hudson can sing! The Deepwater Horizon actress was not concerned about who was listening to her singing "The Star Spangled Banner" celebrating in such a way The 4th of July.
Kate Hudson Gets a Shoulder-Grazing Haircut, see Picture! We were talking about the outstanding diamond floral headpiece Kate Hudson wore to the Met Gala and meanwhile she has got a new short haircut! So, let us discuss it.
Kate Hudson spied with a Male Friend Kate Hudson was spied at the Bubby’s restaurant in NYC's Tribeca neighbourhood this Sunday. Get ready, she was spied not alone! The star visited it with Avatar star Joel David Moore. Numerous rumours about a possible romance have appeared after that.
Kate Hudson and Her Ex-Fiance love Their Wine Industry It looks like Kate Hudson agrees with the saying: Some wine a day keeps the doctor away. The 35-year-old star tells Wine Enthusiast that she grew up in a wine-loving family. The actress developed mastery for the wine making industry.