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58-year-old Julianne Moore shines on the glossy cover Julianne Moore continues to work actively in films, as well as acting for glossy publications
James Toback Approached Julianne Moore To Audition In His Appartment Julianne Moore commented on an alleged strange interaction with James Toback.
Julianne Moore Speaks On Gun Violence In The U.S. Julianne Moore spoke out for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
Julianne Moore is against Instagram Filters and Manufactured Photos Photo filters do not bother Julianne Moore’s selfies. The Hunger Games star realizes that today beauty can be manipulated.
One Gown, Two Ladies: Who looks Better – Julianne Moore or Kendall Jenner? Ups! Julianne Moore managed to arrive at this year’s Oscars in the same stunning custom Chanel gown that Kendal Jenner was modelling at the Fashion Week in Paris.
Julianne Moore recites Passages from Her Films in the Streets Julianne Moore decided it will be a good idea to recite lines from her films. She did it on the streets of NYC. The street performance was done specially for an American television show.
Julianne Moore's Frizzy Hair does not let her Outside in Summer Julianne Moore has shared why she cannot go out in public in summer. The information leaked during promotion of her new film called Freeheld. So, we found out that the reason is her frizzy hair!
Julianne Moore does not want her High School to be named after Confederate General The Still Alice star along with Bruce Cohen, the producer and her classmate, want to change the name of their high school in Virginia. It is named after a Confederate general at the moment.
Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore present the Casino-Themed Chanel Show We have seen a brassiere, a grocery store and a protest throughout the last several Chanel collections. Now, see the couture casino for the 2015 Haute Couture premiere. The stunning set is accompanied by celebrities who model and sit centre and front at the craps table. Karl Lagerfeld opened up that Lilly Collins, Julianne Moore, Lily-Rose Depp and Kristen Stewart are among those major A-list celebrities.