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Eminem introduced the new album 'Kamikaze' The back cover of the album includes a jet plane explodes, and the pilot with an indecent gesture.
Eminem used the gay dating service after a divorce The American rapper, under the pseudonym Eminem, who is already 45 years old, told the journalist "Vulture" about his new album, his attitude to Donald Trump and his life after his divorce from his wife.
Buy Bricks from Eminem's Demolished House Eminem decided to celebrate the 16th anniversary of his prominent and rather successful sophomore album. It is called The Marshall Mathers LP. The star has his own type of celebration. On his official site one can buy his limited-edition memorabilia. You’ll never guess what is included in those rare collectibles! There are bricks from his already demolished childhood house!
Eminem has Healthy Outlook on the Latest Picture with Zane Lowe Eminem appeared on a new image with Zane Lowe on Twitter after keeping silence for several months.