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Christina Aguilera was spotted walking with her boyfriend Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler were spotted on the Santa Monica streets when they arrived to pick up the singer's daughter from school.
Rumor: Christina Aguilera is pregnant The actress released her first clip in 6 years for the song Accelerate, and later declassified her concert tour.
Nude Christina Aguilera posed for a photo in the bathroom Christina Aguilera excited the network with a frank photo.
Christina Aguilera bared her breasts at the photo session Christina Aguilera releases a collection entitled "Liberation" after a six-year break.
Christina Aguilera Is Done With The Voice Forever Christina Aguilera is done with The Voice.
Christina Aguilera again thought about piercing Candid photographic sessions of Christina Aguilera surprise her fans.
Christina Aguilera Was Heartbroken To Find Out Her Boyfriend Was Gay Christina Aguilera shared about her heartbreak story. The singer found out that her boyfriend was gay.
Christina Aguilera's Birthday Celebration Christina Aguilera turned 37. Family and friends were present. The star shared about her festivities on the Web.
Christina Aguilera: You Don't Need Words, You Need Emojis Christina Aguilera goes for emojis! The singer is performing Akiko Glitter in The Emoji Movie, have s first look at the star’s character.
Happy Birthday, Christina Aguilera, You Look Gorgeous! Happy 35th birthday, Christina Aguilera!
Christina Aguilera celebrated her Baby's Birthday as a Pink Carnival Christina Aguilera celebrated the first birthday of her daughter. It was sweet and full of Summer Rain’s favourite things.
Topless Christina Aguilera wants to share some Personal Stuff, see Photo Christina Aguilera is being "close and personal" in a completely new way in her last photo uploaded on Instagram.
Christina Aguilera Transformed into a Brunette for Nashville Christina Aguilera can be seen very differently, but what she is? A brunette. Though, Nashville changes many things for the celebrity. At first it took the singer from pop to country and then gave her a dark makeover. Earlier she teased everybody about her various does, but have see her full look now!