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Anne Hathaway was awarded for combating gender discrimination American actress Anne Hathaway strikes her fans not only with amazing appearance but with noble deeds.
Anne Hathaway became a blonde for the new role For many years the 35-year-old actress was faithful to her image.
Hilarious GIF from Anne Hathaway for the Princess Diaries' 15th Anniversary Anne Hathaway paid tribute to the 2001 Disney film called The Princess Diaries. She made a warm post on Instagram on August 3.
Post-Baby Body of Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway rocked her body after delivering a baby. She showed up at the Alice Through the Looking Glass debut. The event happened on May 23 and was held in Hollywood. Anne delivered a baby boy on March 24. The boy was named Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman. Hathaway sported a rather whimsy and sexy mini-dress.
New Hairstyle of Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway has gone blonde again!
Bettors are sure that Anne Hathaway will perform the New Mary Poppins Monday brought us news about the latest live-action musical film developed by Disney. It will be possible to see Marry Poppins in it! People are questioning themselves: who will perform the famous nanny?
Anne Hathaway is losing Roles to 24-Year-Old Actresses Does age influence Hollywood stars? We remember Anne Hathaway for her debut on the big screen in The Princess Diaries (2001) where she played an awkward teen royalty. Now Anne is 32. Though, according to her, in Tinseltown, that means that you are over the hill.
Anne Hathaway Works Together with Julie Taymor on an Off-Broadway Performance Anne Hathaway comes back to the New York stage to play in the most important theatrical show of the spring directed by Julie Taymor.