Patrick Schwarzenegger Gives Justin Bieber a Strict Lift in New York City
Patrick Schwarzenegger Gives Justin Bieber a Strict Lift in New York City

Do you even lift, sibling?

Justin Bieber got a lift from Patrick Schwarzenegger — Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver's 23-year-old tyke — on Saturday in New York City's SoHo neighborhood.

Bieber squeezed his eyes shut as Schwarzenegger vivaciously lifted him up by his trunk.

The couple was caught wearing new streetwear duds like thin jeans and white sneakers. They moreover shook likewise shorn hair, as Schwarzenegger was starting late murmured by his dad in Spring. This new 'do brings after his assault with hair networks, imagined away with his significant other Abby Champion.

The 23-year-old "Value Yourself" craftsman is at present going to, with different best in class demonstrate stops abroad before he returns stateside on July 29 in Texas. He was up for the top prize at the Release Music Gifts, however related Canadian Drake beat him out at the distinctions exhibit earlier in May.

In Spring, Bieber gotten together with Schwarzenegger, breaking from going to for a session of b-ball in Australia.  


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