Katy Perry Wishes She Was Able to Dress Differently. More 'Utilitarian'
Katy Perry Wishes She Was Able to Dress Differently. More 'Utilitarian'

It turned out that Katy Perry prefers simpler looks. It if was up to her, she would wear a Steve Jobs-inspired uniform.

Perry says that one day she dreams to be a tech giant and wear simple, utilitarian thing daily.

When the 32-year-old singer is out of the spotlight, she chooses a practical look. According to Katy, 5 days a week she wears an Adidas tracksuit and slides.

The rest of the days in a week Perry wears bursts of colour, audacity top to bottom and quirky costumes. By the way, her latest 40-piece footwear line kicked off this week. Have a look at it on katyperrycollections.com.


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