Christina Aguilera: You Don't Need Words, You Need Emojis
Christina Aguilera: You Don't Need Words, You Need Emojis

Christina Aguilera goes for emojis! The singer is performing Akiko Glitter in The Emoji Movie, have s first look at the star’s character.

Christina, 36, shares that she is voicing a mega cool dancer. The dancer lives inside the Just Dance application. The singer confessed she loves Glitter because she is alive and free. Aguilera would love to express herself all the time in the way Akiko lives. The pop superstar loves her character’s colour hair. Who can imagine that it is not fun to listen to music all the time? Correct, no one can.

Christina tells that she was very excited to take part in the works on the animated film. The star was really intrigued when she got her invitation to The Emoji Movie because she is literally obsessed with emojis. Social media fans should know that Aquilera uses them all the time.  


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