Cameron Diaz Turns 45: Evolution From The Mask to Annie
Cameron Diaz Turns 45: Evolution From The Mask to Annie

Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz turns 45!

Initially she planned to become a zoologist, but at 16 she was invited to model agency "Elite". After finishing school she signed a contract, after which she went to Japan, where she worked as a model. Since 16 years, Diaz has posed for a lot of fashion magazines, participated in shooting ads for the brand Kelvin Klein, Levi`s, and Coca-Cola. In 1990, a new "star" began to live in Hollywood, and already there in 1994, unexpectedly for herself, took part in the tape "Mask".

At first, her heroine got a very small role, but later, already during the filming, the director changed the script. As a result, Diaz became a celebrity as an actress. Immediately after the release of the film, the girl began attending acting lessons. The funds received in the career of the model allowed her to concentrate on this direction and carefully choose the projects in which to participate. For several years she took part in low-budget paintings, one of which allowed her to expand the role of a serious role in the drama.

The most famous bands with her participation are comedies, as well as action pictures. Cameron Diaz was awarded the "Golden Globe" for his role in the film "Everyone is crazy about Mary." Another 3 awards she got for the role of the second plan. The continuation of "Charlie's Angels" brought the actress a fee, which put her on a par with Julia Roberts. Cameron Diaz voiced Princess Fiona in the animation "Shrek." In 2009, a star with the name of an actress was placed on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today Cameron Diaz does not stop his acting career.


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