'Aspen Barbie' Paris Hilton Is With 'Ken' Chris Zylka
'Aspen Barbie' Paris Hilton Is With 'Ken' Chris Zylka

Paris Hilton does not mind if someone calls her a Barbie.

The star, 36, shared some pictures of herself in a pink and black outfit. The photos were taken during the star’s ski trip to Aspen (Colorado) with Chris Zylka, her boyfriend.

Paris wrote "#AspenBarbie" under one of her shots. She also confessed she loves Aspen.

Hilton showed off several photos of her outfit. She was clad in a pink helmet, a fur trimmed pink ski coat, ski goggles and black ski pants. Her 32-year-old boyfriend wore a camo jacket, a black helmet and black ski pants.

The couple posed for a Barbie and Ken-themed photo shoot held in Beverly Hills not long ago.


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