Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Spend Time in N.Y.C.
Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Spend Time in N.Y.C.

Kristen Stewart was seen in New York City with St. Vincent.

The two had a casual look. Stewart wore ripped black jeans and fishnet ties. He also had Vans sneakers and “Welcome to the Jungle” sweatshirt. The ex of Cara Delevingne could be seen in zip-up shoes, a white shirt, black bomber jacket and leggings. The two got caught at The Bowery Hotel this Saturday.

The 26-year-old star came to the city in order to support a few films at this year’s NY Film Festival.

This July Kristen communicated with Elle UK about her on-and-off relationship with Alicia Cargile, a producer.

Kristen was sure that she is in love with her girlfriend then. When they got back together she realized she could feel again.

In August Kristen shared about dating woman. This happened after her famous relationship with Robert Pattinson.

Stewart does not want to feel like she owes something to people. She can speak of her private life, but not too much.


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Kristen Stewart and St. Vincent Spend Time in N.Y.C.
Kristen Stewart was seen in New York City with St. Vincent.
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