Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Celebrate Their Birthday
Catherine Zeta-Jones And Michael Douglas Celebrate Their Birthday

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her husband Michael Douglas celebrated their birthday on September 25.

Catherine uploaded a sweet snap and captioned that she is sending a birthday kiss to her love. She also wished happy birthday for her and him. Catherine is 47 now and her husband is 72.

This November the couple will have their 16th wedding anniversary. Sometime earlier this year the two were in Aspen (Colorado). We remind you that Michael proposed the actress there.

The couples shares 2 kids: 16-year-old Dylan and 13-year-old Carys. This March the star shared a shot on the Web where she and her hubby are hugging in front of a snowy mountain.

As you might remember, the relationship of the two has not been as plain. 3 years ago they split for several months.

The Chicago star considers that one does not has to give up when the 1st problem arises. One should realize that there will be more problems on the way.

Catherine considers that the home fires need to be kept burning.


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