Ariel Winter in Super Tiny Shorts in Hollywood
Ariel Winter in Super Tiny Shorts in Hollywood

Ariel Winter probably has the tiniest shorts.

The star, 18, was seen at The Nice Guy this Saturday. She wore denim cut-offs. The pockets peeked through.

Ariel also put on dark heeled boots, a black turtleneck and leather jacket. She also had round retro sunshades on. Her red hair changed into usual dark locks. It hung loose.

A very similar pair of shorts was seen on the actress this April at Coachella and another one during the set of Dog Years in June.

Winter had a surgery for breast reduction back in 2015. People criticized her revealing pink gown for high school graduation party and got a response from Ariel not long ago.


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Ariel Winter in Super Tiny Shorts in Hollywood
Ariel Winter probably has the tiniest shorts.
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