Amazon's Super Bowl Ad Features Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin
Amazon's Super Bowl Ad Features Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin

There is a week has left till the Super Bowl, but the whole bunch of highly produced advertisements filled with celebrities are already surfing the Internet.

A 30-second teaser of Amazon’s advertisement was released for Echo on Wednesday. Dan Marino and Alec Baldwin are brainstorming a “Game Day Party” in it.

Marino suggested cheerleaders and came up with a great idea. He offered to build a snack stadium.

Baldwin asks Echo what a snack stadium is. Its response is that a snack stadium is a stadium built from snacks only. Honestly, this sounds like a dream.

Baldwin and Marino were the latest celebrities to join a goofy Super Bowl spot. Seth Rogan and Amy Schumer took part in a series of confusing Bud Light commercials. The stars put on panty house, pins and lotion that read "The Bud Light Party."


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